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2 x 160 years experience perfectly bundled:
maurerfreund GmbH (formerly Kuhlen GmbH, Remscheid) and P.F. FREUND & CIE. GmbH

From 1 February 2010 the company P.F. FREUND & CIE. GmbH, Wuppertal, assumes the business of the newly founded "maurerfreund GmbH", which takes effect simultaneously with the business of the traditional trowel factory Kuhlen GmbH company based in Remscheid.

Using and merging skills:
This was at the heart of our corporate expansion.
Thus, we have not only the entire workforce of the former assumed Kuhlen GmbH, but also maintain the operation position 25 in Remscheid. But the administration is moved to its new headquarters at the Hahnerberger Straße 94-96 in Wuppertal. The various trademarks owned Kuhlen, e.g. Maurerfreund, Maurerstolz and other brands, all terms for high-quality trowels, of course, be continued.

The integration will bring a number of synergies to maurerfreund GmbH and P.F. FREUND & CIE. GmbH. We carry both companies forward-looking and more sustainable - in order to be able to develop a high standard in the future and to produce for you, dear customers, .

  • maurerfreund GmbH is still used for the manufacture and distribution of quality trowels
    and other construction tools.
  • The core business of P.F. FREUND & CIE. GmbH. continues to consist of the manufacture and Sales of hand tools for working on roofs and facades (for roofers, carpenters, sheet metal worker and drywall installers).

Both companies look back on more than 160-year tradition - our experts know exactly how high the claims of the trades on appropriate quality tools are.

You can be assured that you will learn the good partnership with us in the future. For more information, please refer to the products data sheet offered for download.

Best regards
maurerfreund GmbH