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World premiere:
Comfort smoothing trowel

Carbon perfection.

Unique handle concept

The new design of the handle enables optimum use for all hand sizes thanks to the improved fit. In addition, the fit provides flexible handling with easy change of the holding position to enable comfortable and gentle work in any situation and over a long period of time. The full-surface sheathing of the handle protects the fingers and prevents contact with the shank.

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Connection through high performance adhesive

The connection between the carbon handle and the blade of the trowel is made using a high-performance adhesive that firmly bonds the handle to the blade without the use of heat. Unlike conventional and traditional welding methods for the connection between the handle and the blade, the innovative adhesive connection avoids stresses in the blade by eliminating the need for production-related heat.

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Reduced CO2 emissions

The handle concept combines the classically individually manufactured components handle and the shank in one integrated component, thus saving production steps. The saving of production steps as well as the selected material composition lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 28% compared to standard trowels on the market.

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High-performance carbon

The handle component of our Comfort trowel is made of high-performance and robust carbon. Over a development period of five years, we have developed a unique carbon compound that is perfectly matched to the intended use of the trowel. The carbon allows the weight of the trowel to be reduced in comparison to standard trowels on the market. At the same time, the life cycle of the trowel is extended due to the highly stable material.

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Genuine leather handle

The grip surface of the Comfort trowel is completely covered with leather. This absorbs moisture from the palms and ensures comfortable and non-slip work.

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Efficient pressure transfer

The holistic design of the handle ensures that the pressure exerted is efficiently transferred from the handle via the handle component to the blade. This increases precision as well as ergonomics during working and thus ensures optimum work results.

Alternative: non-slip soft grip

As an alternative to the leather handle, the Comfort trowels are also available with soft handles. The soft grips are particulary non-slip and also offer an incomparably comfortable working feeling

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Sustainable due to recyclability

The carbon handle can be fully recycled. This means that the valuable plastic compound can be recycled and used as a starting material for new carbon shanks. Hereby we contribute together with our customers to a sustainable use of resources.

If you are interested in further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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The Comfort trowels are available in the following configurations:
Flexibles Blatt 0,3mm
Flexibles Blatt 0,4mm
Standard-Blatt 0,5mm
Festes Blatt 0,7mm

Successful partnership

We have developed the Comfort trowels in cooperation with our long-term partner Super Prof BV from the Netherlands. Due to the close cooperation and the strict orientation towards the needs of our customers, we were able to successfully develop and produce our Comfort trowels.

Super Prof has been a successful brand for plasterers, tilers, bricklayers, masons, drywall workers, tilers and painters since 1976.

Here you can find more information about Super Prof:

Super Prof logo.png

If you are interested in our products, please contact us at any time via our contact form

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