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Trowels and smoothing trowels - Made in Remscheid

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Our world of smoothing trowels

Smoothing trowels have many names - other names for this indispensable tool include smoother or smoothing disc. Trowels are used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers for applying and then smoothing and structuring plaster or filler on walls or floors.

The world of trowels is versatile and the choice of the right model depends on the task at hand:

  • Our premium trowels are indispensable for processing plasters in high qualities

  • The application of tile adhesive is carried out with serrated trowels

  • The processing of Venetian plaster to attractive effect trowels you succeed with our Venetian smoothing trowels

  • Floor coverings can be applied effortlessly with our flooring trowels

Regardless of the work to be done, our smoothing trowels offer the best conditions for perfect work results.

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Our world of trowels

Trowels are considered an indispensable tool for a variety of different trades. The best-known trowels are bricklayers' trowels - these are traditionally used by bricklayers to apply mortar when laying bricks or plastering. However, the use of trowels is by no means limited to bricklayers. In particular, the use of trowels is indispensable for plasterers, drywallers, plasterers, tilers and painters. In addition, a trowel should be present in every do-it-yourselfer's assortment.

The choice of the right trowel depends on the material to be processed and the task at hand. With our diverse trowel assortment, we serve every requirement of demanding professionals and do-it-yourselfers who appreciate durable and resilient tools

If you are interested in our products, please contact us at any time via our contact form

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