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Our world of trowels

Details that make the difference:

Our trowels have one thing in common: the highest demands on a balanced shape for a pleasant working feeling, uncompromising quality of the processed steels and handles as well as the production and testing by our experienced colleagues.

An indispensable tool

Trowels are considered an indispensable tool for a variety of different trades. The best-known trowels are bricklayers' trowels - these are traditionally used by bricklayers to apply mortar when laying bricks or plastering. However, the use of trowels is by no means limited to bricklayers. In particular, the use of trowels is indispensable for plasterers, drywallers, plasterers, tilers and painters. In addition, a trowel should be present in every do-it-yourselfer's assortment.

The choice of the right trowel depends on the material to be processed and the task at hand. With our diverse trowel assortment, we serve every requirement of demanding professionals and do-it-yourselfers who appreciate durable and resilient tools

Your choice: stainless steel or robust carbon steel

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Stainless steel

Thanks to our many years of experience, constant exchange with demanding users of our trowels, and close networking with our trusted steel distributors in the region, we can supply you with the quality you can trust.
In regular procedures we check the composition of our stainless steel and thus produce a consistent quality. During the selection process we pay attention to a perfect balance between flexibility and required stability of the material.
Use our stainless steel trowels for work where the use of a stainless material is irreplaceable, such as the processing of plaster.

Robust carbon steel

Robust, demanding and dedicated to perfection. Characteristics that connect our steel and our customers.
Our steel trowels defy the most difficult conditions and are considered a reliable partner at your side. Because things are not always gentle when using our steel trowels, we ensure a material that can handle delicate work and the highest loads in equal measure.

For a strong connection


Stainless steel: Durable spot welding

For the connection between the handle component and the stainless steel blade, we use our proven spot welding process. The connection between the handle component and the blade is made via a material-to-material bond. The arrangement of the spot welds ensures a strong connection and high load capacity of our stainless steel trowels.


Carbon steel: Durable full welding

We know no compromises when it comes to the connection between the trowel blade and the handle component of the steel trowels.
The connection is made by means of a material-locking full weld, which withstands the highest loads and prevents moisture from entering the weld seam.

Well handled

Our handles

  • traditional handle: a balanced shape and coordinated curves provide a very good grip and allow fatigue-free and precise work. The handles are firmly and durably connected to the bracket, so you can trust your tool

  • Handle with finger guard and thumb rest: The finger guard complements the handle at the transition between the handle and the bracket made of stainless steel. The finger guard prevents contact between the index finger and the bracket. In combination with the thumb rest, this handle ensures improved guidance and precision as well as gentle working

Our handle materials

Only the right combination of the handle shape and the material ensures a good feeling when working with our trowels. Therefore, we offer the following materials, which in combination with the desired handle shape provide an incomparable working feeling:

  • traditional wooden handle: Wood is considered a proven material for trowel handles. The originality of wood is appreciated by professionals and do-it-yourselfers, and the natural feel of the handle makes for comfortable work.

  • 2K soft grips: Our soft grips consist of two components, which together provide a firm but comfortable grip

  • Natural cork: the natural and sustainable all-rounder cork also offers numerous advantages as a handle. Users appreciate the natural feel and the moisture absorption properties. By absorbing perspiration, it allows for permanently non-slip work. In addition, cork has a shock-absorbing effect and is therefore particularly gentle to handle

If you are interested in our products, please contact us at any time via our contact form

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