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Our world of smoothing trowels

Smoothing trowels have many names - other names for this indispensable tool include smoother or smoothing disc. Trowels are used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers for applying and then smoothing and structuring plaster or filler on walls or floors.

The world of trowels is versatile and the choice of the right model depends on the task at hand:

  • Our premium trowels are indispensable for processing plasters in high qualities

  • The application of tile adhesive is carried out with serrated trowels

  • The processing of Venetian plaster to attractive effect trowels you succeed with our Venetian smoothing trowels

  • Floor coverings can be applied effortlessly with our flooring trowels

Regardless of the work to be done, our smoothing trowels offer the best conditions for perfect work results.

Our advantages

Sheets from selected materials

  • Stainless steel trowels: For our stainless steel trowels, we use a material alloy that is perfectly suited to your work requirements and to our production processes. Our stainless steel has a high percentage of chromium, which significantly increases the wear resistance of our trowels. In addition, our composition contains a balanced proportion of manganese. This has a positive effect on the strength and at the same time ensures an optimal welding result in the connection between the shank and the blade of the trowel, without putting too much stress on the blade due to the effect of heat.

  • Steel trowels: For our steel trowels, we use tool steel that you can rely on. As with our stainless steel, we pay attention to optimal weldability in order to offer you the most durable tool possible that you can rely on.

  • Material thicknesses: In order to fulfill every application purpose, we offer our smoothing trowel blades in different thicknesses. For processing the finest types of plaster in high qualities, we carry material thicknesses of 0.3mm and for our floor trowels we process material with a thickness of +1mm

Hand finished - for straight edges

Just like our customers, we respect and value our craft:
Straight edges are one of our distinctive quality features of our trowels. Due to the heat-intensive production processes, it cannot be avoided that the blades develop out-of-roundness and deformation.
In order to be able to offer you an all-round perfect product, our trowels are straightened by hand by our experienced employees. In the straightening process, the trowels are also subjected to a final quality check in order to constantly deliver the best possible quality.

A durable connection

The correct connection between the blade of the trowel and the handle element has an important influence on the durability and quality of a trowel.

We offer you two different options - traditional welding process or innovative adhesive technology:

  • traditional welding process: welding is performed by precisely welding high-strength studs onto the blade of the trowel. The handle component is then placed on the studs and pressed. The pressing creates a robust connection between the handle component and the blade of the trowel. The choice of the right material grade for all components makes the decisive difference here, so that all processed components are perfectly matched to each other and an optimum connection of all components can be achieved.

  • innovative adhesive technology: we have developed our innovative adhesive technology to reduce the amount of heat-intensive processes involved in the production of our trowels. By avoiding heat exposure, stresses in the blade of the trowel are reduced. This keeps the edges straight and perfectly preserves the positive properties of the stainless steel material alloy.

Balanced and robust shanks

The handle component of a trowel consists of a shank and a handle, where the shank is connected to the blade of the trowel.

We recommend two types of shanks:

  • Aluminum shank: For our aluminum shanks, we use a material composition that is also used by the military for the construction of tanks. The rule here is that the material must be strong enough to withstand bullet impacts, but soft enough not to break like glass. So our composition of aluminum ensures that we can offer a balance between strength and flexibility so that you can achieve the best work results while being able to rely on your tool

  • High-performance carbon shank: Our latest generation of handle component is made of high-performance carbon. Our patented carbon shank combines stability, a light weight and unparalleled ergonomics through the protected design of the handle


Ergonomic handles

For us, the handle represents the connection between the user and our trowels, which is why we attach great importance to choosing the right handles. Regardless of the material, we ensure that our handles have an adapted shape for optimal handling and comfortable work.

  • Traditional wooden handle: The originality of wood is still appreciated today. The grip of wood and the natural feel of the handle ensure pleasant and precise work

  • 2K soft grips: Our soft grips consist of two components which, when combined, provide a strong but comfortable grip.

  • Natural cork: Cork is a natural all-rounder and has long since found its way into the field of handles. Users appreciate the natural feel of the handle and the natural moisture absorption properties. This means that perspiration is absorbed by the handle and a permanently non-slip working environment is made possible.

Our world of trowels

Comfort-trowel from high-performance carbon

Unbeatable ergonomics, carbon shank, high-strength adhesive connection, strong and thin trowel blades.

Venetian trowel

finely ground and polished edges, perfect for Venetian stucco

Superflex Doublesheet smoothing trowel

Adhesive technology for thin trowel blades, proven aluminum shanks

Tiler trowels

Serrated from 4x4 to 20x20mm, strong trowel blades, perfect for tiling

Flooring trowels

Premium-smoothing trowels

Connection with up to 14 welding studs, robust, strong trowel blades

Basic smoothing trowels

Connection via 4 welding studs, strong trowel blades, basic equipment

Long and strong trowel blades, steel and stainless steel

If you are interested in our products, please contact us at any time via our contact form

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